Samuel P. Harn Museum

Made possible by the Dr. Madelyn M Lockhart Endowment for Focus Exhibitions at the Harn Museum of Art
The curator discusses the material expression of accumulation, incandescence, and explosivity in the context of Kongo and Afro-Creole aesthetics.
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Edmund Ronald (Haitian). Figure of Ezili Danto healing an infant and Baron Samdi Bottle Cloth, paint, dirt, plastic, wax, mirror, hair, thread, glass, pins, paper. On loan from private collection.
A magical human-shaped cloth figure (pwen) hangs from a sacred tree in a sorcerer's courtyard in rural Haiti. It is activated with herbal medicines, mirrors, rope, and metal pins. Its job will be complete when it falls from the tree. Photograph by Alissa Jordan, 2013.
White poppet and chair at the convergence of two creeks in Central Florida; apparently for use in Hoodoo or rootwork. Photograph by Alissa Jordan, 2013.
Tato Viento Malo (Cuban American). Sacred Vessel for Madre Agua and Lucero in Palo Mayombe tradition (nganga) 2013. Metal, stone, sand, paint, graveyard dirt, cowry shells, shell necklace, rope, seagull feather, blood, concrete. On loan from the artist.
Mambo Kathy (American) "Who Dat" New Orleans Saints Root Doll 2013. Root, oil, cloth, sequins, plastic, paint, dirt, feathers, metal, ribbon, raffia, Spanish moss. On loan from the artist.
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